Here are some useful webpages that I have found, please see why I like them!


I like this site due to the massive quantity of interactive simulations that they have available to be used.  Some of these concepts can be difficult for a student to grasp, and having a simulation where you can actually manipulate some of the variables involved to gain a better understanding is a great tool to have in a teacher’s tool box.


I like this site because it has a lot of material on it that can be useful to a teacher.  There are lesson plans, suggested texts, and of course, submitted journals that are peer reviewed and offer insight into what is currently being researched and studied.  There are also blogs where you can follow what others are doing with their classrooms, possibly some of the issues/success they are having, and the ability to connect with others from across the country.


I have used this website before and love it for how it represents a calculator and the functionality of it.  I love that it is free, and works on just about any platform, so that students could not only use it in the classroom but also at home. 


This site has a lot to offer.  There are learning tools, shows, video clips, interactive lessons and so much more.  You could spend hours of time going through all of this material and have lots of options to make just about any grade level work.  It is also sortable by grade levels, so that you can narrow things down when there are too many results.


I like this website because it gives helpful pointers on how to teach certain aspects of the curriculum.  It also has a lot of useful videos embedded that can help to explain and show some aspects of the material being taught.