Project and Homework Description

Socratic Seminar- Socratic seminar is a form of debate that occurs in our class once per week on Fridays. On monday I will give students a piece of text and several questions. They should answer the questions during the week and more importantly think deeply about the text and develop their own thoughts and questions. On Friday we will discuss the text in class. It is imperative that each child participates as the grade for the seminar is based on how often and how well they take part in the discussion. Your children should be working on this assignment each night.


Knowledge Journal- The Knowledge Journal is a research project that is connected to our social studies instruction. The students have several questions each week and must complete them by Friday. The students have 2-3 hours of class time each week to complete this journal. If they don't use their class time wisely they may have to finish their journal as homework. I have had some students finish this journal with only 2 class days of work. There is really no reason for this journal to go home with students.

Vocabulary and Prefixes- Your children will be given a vocabulary list each week on Monday. They should study the words nightly to be ready for the test on Friday. They may also receive one or two additional vocabulary assignments throughout the week.

Summary or Written Response- I may ask your children to do a summary of their reading or a written response that includes their opinions. These responses should be done neatly on a loose sheet of paper.