Chemistry I

 DateChapter Notes Assignments Quizzes and Extra Help 
1.7 Chapter 1 Intro to Chem

 Complete these notes and post in your spiral notebook

Variables with the Simpsons

 Safety and Procedures Quiz
 1.18 Chapter 1 Properties of Matter

Mixtures worksheet 

Study Guide for Test

 Mixtures Quiz
 2.8  Chapter 2Data Collection 

Conversions Worksheets (problems 1-a, b, c, e; 2 a, b, c, d, e; 3 a, b, c, d, e; 4 a, b; 5, 9, 10, 11, 12 a, b,c, d; 18 a, b, c, d)

Significant Figures Worksheet

Significant Figures Lab (Questions were taken up for a grade!)

Graphing Practice 

 Study Guide for Test

If your study guide is complete, you will be able to use your notes on the test!

 Conversions Quiz

Scientific Notation, Significant Figures, and Conversions Quiz

 2.16 Chapter 3  History of the Atom 

 Early Atomic Theory Homework

Atomic Structure Worksheet

Section 1 and 2 Worksheet (see me)

Average Atomic Mass


 3.1   Moles!

 Molar Mass Worksheet

Grams/Moles Calculations

Moles, molecules, and grams Worksheet

Intro to Formulas

Percent Composition and Molecular Formulas/ Molecular formulas

 3.17Chapter 4 Modern Atomic Theory 

 Modern Atomic Theory (review sheet 1)

Modern Atomic Theory Review Sheet 2

Modern Atomic Theory Study Guide 3

Electron Configuration Packet (see me)

 Test will be on March 18, 2011
 3.29 Chapter 5 The Periodic Table

 Periodic Table Study Guide 1

Periodic Table Study Guide 2

Periodic Table Study Guide 3

Test Study Guide (p. 166-167; questions 1-38)

 Group Presentations

 Journal Entry: Prepare a report tracing the evolution of the current periodic table since 1900. Cite the chemists involved and their major contributions. Include at least one website - be sure to reference it under your journal entry. NO WIKIPEDIA! Should be (at least!) 100 words.




Chem ICU - This link provides all the assignments that I am missing from you. You will need your student ID number to figure out which assignments I am missing from you.


Labs (To be in the Lab Composition Notebook):

 Milk Lab
 Separation of Mixtures Lab
 Analysis of an Area of Chemistry
 Conversions Lab
 Scientific Notations Lab
 Research on Early Atomic Theorist