Biology I

 DateChapter Notes Assignments Quizzes and Extras 
 1.12.11 Chapter 1

 Section 1,2,3

Powernotes (to be put in spiral notebooks!) Section 1, Section 2, Section 3

 Bellringer: Pick 5 vocab words, define them; include 2 drawings and use 4 colors

Study Guide over Section 1, Section 2, and Section 3

(Feel free on the study guides and notes to get extra copies from me- you are more than welcome to write the answers on a separate piece of paper - I apologize for the format being messed up!)

 1.13.11 Chapter 1   Penny Lab, Elephant Poem 
 1.14.11 Chapter 1  TEST! Make sure all notebooks are complete and ready to be turned in.  
 1.24 Chapter 2  Bellringer: On the left hand side of your notebook, draw four squares. Label each square with one of the following: nucleic acid, carbohydrate, lipid, protein. Under each one, include 3 facts (can use book, notes, etc). Make sure to use four different colors!!! 



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