Biology II Honors

Date Chapter  Notes Assignments Quizzes and Extras 
 1.5.11 Chapter 1 (Bio)  Section 1  
 1.6.11 Chapter 1 (Bio) Section 2, 3  
 1.7.11 Chapter 1 (Bio) Section 6

  Critical Thinking Readings

* Remember, these are trying to get you to practice formulating your opinions. They are NOT meant to change your views in anything! I'm looking for answers that show me how well you think critically, regardless of your position on the matter.

 1.12.11 Chapter 1 (A&P) Section 1-3  Quiz tomorrow over Biology notes!
 1.13.11 Chapter 1 (A&P)  Section 4-9   Quiz today
 1.14.11 Chapter 1 (A&P) 

 Cont 6-9

See notes above

Organ Systems Worksheet: Complete sections/questions 1, 2, 5, 6, 7. Try all questions, but extra points will be given for the difficult questions.

 1.24.11 Chapter 1 (A&P)   TEST!
 1.25.11 Chapter 4 (A&P) All Ch 4 notes

 Tissue Concept Map


 2.15.11 Chapter 5 (A&P) All Ch 5 notes  Integumentary system Presentation/Paper Test Wed. Feb 23
 2.27.11 Chapter 6 (A&P)  Ch 6 notes  Guided Reading 1  

 Chapter 12 (A&P)

Nervous System

  Guided Reading 1 


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