Ms. Bowman's Class

1.      Kids’ GamesWink

 2.  ArchaeologyLaughing

All Archaeology - Archaeology

National Archaeology Week

Archaeology - Amer. Museum of Natural History

Archaeology - Librarians' Internet Index

Tour of Pompeii, the Forgotten City - Images of Italy (Pictures and History)

NPS Archeology Program: Archeology for Kids

About Archaeology

Mysterious Places: Explore sacred sites and ancient civilizations

Five Points

Archaeological Sites

Welcome to the Archaeological Adventure

Unlocking the Past

The Archaeology Channel - Welcome

TVA Kids: Archaeology on TVA Lands


Yahoo Kids! Directory

SAA: Archaeology for the public

NPS Archeology Program: Archeology for Kids

Kids Dig Reed - Homepage

Diggin' Up the Facts About Archaeology

dig™ - The archaeology magazine for kids!

Archaeology for Kids - Index

Extensive Information on Archaeology and Artifacts at Archaeology Expert (UK)


3.  World Geography – student resourcesSealed

Geography Learning Games For Kids

Funschool - Arcade - Fun, Educational Geography and History Games for Kids

Geography Games For Kids - By

 Geography For Kids - By

List of Countries (google groups)


4.  EnglishCool

SAT Vocabulary on Vocab - Free Vocabulary Tests

Grammar Blast

Quia - Subject-Verb Agreement

Language Arts Games for fourth grade, fifth grade & sixth Grade.

Subject-Verb Mix-up

Interactive Games

BBC - Skillswise Words - Verb subject agreement game

Sixth grade resources  

5.  World Geography – teacher resourcesSmile

Regional Studies | The WWW Virtual Library

 African Studies Internet Resources

Chinese Cultural WebQuest |

History's Happening Geography Resources Page

Social Studies Resources

Different Cultures

"Asian Heritage" (Resources For Rethinking)

Asia for Elementary Students and Teachers

What makes a good place to live: Teacher Tips

The North Bay International Studies Project - India Institute

Lesson Plans