Weekly Announcements

   Week of March 22 - 26


Well done fourth grade!  The students did an excellent job in completing the MSA to the best of their abilities.  Give your child a big hug and kiss as they deserve it. 

The Book Fair runs this week in the media center.  Be sure to check out the fantastic selection of reading material available. 

Class and individual pictures will be taken on Tuesday, March 23rd. 

      Thank you to Mrs. Baker and Mr. Ringgold for being guest readers for us today! 

        Spring Break for students runs March 29th through April 5th.  School resumes on April 6th.  Enjoy the break! 



      We will be learning about Maryland’s role in the War of 1812 and recognizing the contributions of past Maryland leaders of this time.  

Students will be focusing on the technological changes that occurred in Maryland following the War of 1812.

        By the way, Thursday is Maryland Day!        MATH     This week we will begin multiplying multi-digit factors.  All those nights of practicing math facts are going to be put to action!  Speaking of math facts, students will have the opportunity to “test out” of math facts homework beginning this week.  Students will take math facts quizzes this week, those passing with a 96% or better will be “relieved” of the daily assignment.  Some practice will still be assigned.    SCIENCE      Today, Monday, March 22, is World Water Day.  This day is dedicated to educating communities about the importance of conserving this natural resource and recognizing some unfortunate areas that are short on water.        A local hydro-geologist will visit each science class on Tuesday to talk about ways we can test for water contamination and what we can do to help reduce the wasted use of water. 
WRITING      We are excited to start our first P.O.Writing book this week.  Students will be provided a P.O.Writers folder that will contain the necessary items for the writing process and the estimated completion dates for each step of the writing process.This week, students will be brainstorming possible topics for their writing and creating their author page in class.  We will be completing a story map and sequence chain in class to prepare for writing the rough draft.Please make note that students will be assigned to write their rough draft during the spring break.  The rough draft can be written neatly or typed on white paper.  Once we return from the break, we will continue on with the writing process.    We are looking forward to the final product which will be a published book that each child will get to keep.