Chemistry May 11-15


Chemistry Week 5

We are looking at the ratio science called stoichiometry, Stoic. (you need your periodic table)

Make sure to take notes on the videos 


Vocabulary: Know the Definitions

Limiting Reactant States of Matter

Excess Reactant Byproduct 

Reaction Suspension


Percent Yield

Conversion Factors


Day 1: Watch the Videos

Day 2: Watch the Videos

Day 3: Watch the Videos

Day 4: Actvitiy 1

Day 5

  • Look up the formula for vinegar and the formula for baking soda
  • Can you do the acid base reaction to figure out how to balance this equation?
  • So if you can get the formula can you name the products? 
    • Remember its an acid base reaction so you should know 2 of the 3 products.
  • You can go back to the acid base reactions in this weeks work to try to figure it out.

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Your done for the week! Make sure I get your work by next Saturday