Chemistry June 01-05

Chemistry Week 8

  • Make sure to take notes on the videos
  • We are taking a practical look at chemistry in action
  • So some of you made your vehicle and some of you did not.  Most of you did not share your ratio with me so that is were we are starting this week. 
  • We are going to review the nozzle, engineering and see how you could have made your vessel better. 
  • If you still haven’t built a vessel its time to get started.  This is the fun stuff we have been working towards all semester.

Day 1: Watch the Videos

Day 2: Watch the Video

  • So for those of you that had trouble with the math the ratio we are looking for is about 14 vinegar to 1 baking soda.
  • My question is what unit of measurement should you have after the 14 and 1?
    • Mass is measured in __________
    • Volume is measured in __________
    • Atoms or molecules are measured in __________
  • Video: Chemistry: Intro to Stoichiometry with Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
    • If you had trouble yesterday with doing the problem by putting 10 grams in front of the problem after watching this video go back and try it again.
  • Your welcome to watch part II to get some practice at gram to gram conversions.

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

  • Video: Mr B Boat Launch
  • I do want to see video of you launching your vehicle!
  • Write up a short paper explaining what you did each day this week and what you learned.
    • Take a picture and send it to:
    • Make sure to include your name, hour and week 7.
    • Include your video of your launch

You're Done for the Week

Make sure I get your work by Saturday

Have fun,

Mr. B