Earth Science April 13-17

Part 1: Definitions

Part 2: One-Page Paper

When you are done pick one word and write a one-page paper on that word.

  • The first paragraph should include the definition and a final sentence that connects the definition to the second paragraph.

  • The second paragraph should be about why we care about this particular word. 

    • For example: We might use this word in the following way.  Or this word is valuable because we use it in the following way.

    • You will then write a paragraph about how the vocabulary word is used. Feel free to give examples.

  • The third and last paragraph should be about why you choose the word. 

  • This paper should be sent to my email sometime before Monday, April 20.

Week 1: Earth Science Project

So we have learned about how the earth is laid out, its layers and how they work together. 

One of the reasons this is important is to consider continental drift.  As the plates move the continents drift.  This leads to earthquakes, land slides, volcanoes, and the separation of peoples and species. 

  • Do a Google search for one of the following words and pick a project to do that will help you understand the long term effects of plate tectonics.
    • Pangaea
    • Earth Quakes 
    • Continental Drift
    • Volcano's and Weather
    • Earthquakes and Water
  • Note: I recommend start your Google Search with "Projects on..."

If you would like to leave me a message about how the project went, send an email to:

  • Note: You can also send a video of what kind of project you did