Earth Science April 20-24

Part 1: Definitions

  • These are the vocabulary words we worked for Unit 7.1 and 7.2 
  • Please do the following:
    • Find the definition for each word.
    • Use the definition, correctly, in a sentence.
    • Draw a image or picture that helps explain the word.
  • There are about 70 words, so only go through section 7.1. We will do section 7.2 next week.
    • So, you only have to do 8 or 9 a day to complete 7.1 this week.

 Part 2: One-Page Paper

When you are done pick one word and write a one-page paper on that word. 

  • The first paragraph should include the definition and a final sentence that connects the definition to the second paragraph.  
  • The second paragraph should be about why we care about this particular word. 
    • So maybe something like, "We might use this word in the following way..." Or, "This word is valuable because we use it in the following way..."
    • You will then write a paragraph about how the vocabulary word is used.  Feel free to give examples.
  • The last paragraph should be about why you choose the word. 
  • This paper should be sent to sometime before the Monday, April 27. 
  • Make sure you try the activity associated with these words.

Week 2: Activity 1

While the weather is still cold, I want you to do an activity using powdered chocolate.


            You will want to do this activity twice, once with warm milk the second time with cold milk.

  1. You will make a glass of chocolate putting the milk in first and then the chocolate on top.
  2. Observe the chocolate, how does it mix with the milk?  What vocabulary word best describes the action you see?
  3. Set a timer on your phone, how long does it take for the chocolate to mix with the milk?  Is there a difference in the time for hot milk verses cold milk?  Come up with a hypothesis as to why there could be a difference.
  4. Check on the internet to see if your hypothesis was correct or not.

Week 2: Activity 2

  • Can you come up with a mnemonic that helps us remember the difference between stalactites and stalagmites? 
  • Please send a copy of your mnemonic to by 11:30pm on Saturday, April 25.