Earth Science April 27-May 01

Part 1: Definitions


Part 2: One-Page Paper

  • When you are done with vocabulary, pick one word and write a one-page paper on that word.

    • The first paragraph should include the definition and a final sentence that connects the definition to the second paragraph.
    • The second paragraph should be about why we care about this particular word. 
      • So maybe something line, "We might use this word in the following way..."  Or, "This word is valuable because we use it in the following way..."
      • You will then write a paragraph about how the vocabulary word is used.  Feel free to give examples.
  • The third and last paragraph should be about why you choose the word. 
  • Your paper should be sent to before Monday, May 04.
  • Make sure you try the activity associated with these words.


​​​​​​​Part 3: Moraine Activity


  • One of our words this week is moraine. It is featured in our activity for the week.
  • First make sure you know what a Moraine is. 
    • An ice cube can represent your glacier.
  • Make some colored salt.
    • Two ways to do it:
      • One make a pile of salt, dump food color on it and let it sit out until it dries
      • Or put food color in boiling water.  Add a handful of salt.  When the water boils away you will have colored salt.
  • The colored salt will be your dirt
    • I know you could just use dirt but mixing salt and food color lets you explore other words like, suspension, and saturation.
  • Create a moraine, take a picture with each item labeled.
  • When you are done take a picture and send it to


Enjoy Week 3!!!