Earth Science May 04-08

Earth Science Week 4


Part 1: Unit 8 Vocabulary

These are the vocabulary words we worked for Unit 8. Please do the following:

  • Find the definition for each word.
  • Use the definition, correctly, in a sentence.
  • Draw a image or picture that helps explain the word.

There are about 15 words so this should go fast.

Chapter 8 vocabulary should all be done by the end of the week.

  • Make sure to send me your vocab to my email

Part 2: One-Page Paper

When you are done pick one word and write a one-page paper on that word.

  • The first paragraph should include the definition and a final sentence that connects the definition to the second paragraph.

  • The second paragraph should be about why we care about this particular word. 

    • For example: We might use this word in the following way.  Or this word is valuable because we use it in the following way.

    • You will then write a paragraph about how the vocabulary word is used. Feel free to give examples.

  • The third and last paragraph should be about why you choose the word. 

  • This paper should be sent to my email sometime before Monday, May 11.

Part 3: Activity Associated with Vocabulary

  • We have already learned the water cycle, 1st semester, can you still draw it out? 
    • If not look it up and draw it.  It is one of the key cycles every student should know.
  • Answer this question:
    • If we have a water cycle why do people always tell you to conserve water? 
    • Doesn’t it just recycle? 
    • Explain and add to the bottom of your vocab paper.

Watch the following videos

Part 4: Activity for the Week

  • You can find, watch, and copy a YouTube video here, or be a scientist and try to figure it out on your own.  
  • Take some dirty water, colored water, particulated water, and try to figure out a way to start with dirty water and end up with clear water.
  • Write up your experiment and add to the bottom of your vocabulary sheet.