Earth Science May 11-15


Earth Science Week 5

Vocabulary: Unit 8 Continued 

  • Almost no new words for this week so no Vocab list

  • When you are done pick one word and write a one-page paper on that word.

You will be watching some video’s and activities for the week.  You will show me what you have done by emailing me a picture.

Make sure you try the activity.

We are continuing our discussion about water.

  • As you all know water on our planet can come in 3 states.

  • Solid, liquid or gas are the three states.

  • When H2O changes from state to state the actual atoms don’t change.  This is called conservation of matter. 

  • But what about other items that change their state does anything happen to the actual atoms or do they stay the same? 

  • This is the basic question we are going to work on today.

Day 1

Video: Earth Science Week 5

Video: Solution, Suspension and Colloid

  • How do you know if something is a solution, suspension or colloid?

  • What is the difference between homogeneous and heterogenous? 

  • What is the Tyndell effect?

  • Who was Tyndell?

Day 2

Video: Tyndall Effect - Why does the sky appear blue?

  • How does the Tyndell effect from day one and day two connect to each other?

  • If your color blind what does that mean in regards to the Tyndell effect?

Day 3

Video: Scattering of Light & Tyndall Effect

  • Try to create a suspension, a solution, and a colloid. 

  • How do you know which is which?

Days 4/5

  • Last week we learned about filtering water as part of the water cycle. 

  • This week we learned that when other elements are in the water they will be solutions, suspensions or colloids. 

  • Write a short paper on how these two ideas are connected.

  • How would you use this information if you were in charge of the cities water system?

Stuff To Turn In

Email me pictures of your answers, your experiment, and your final paper by Saturday of this week.