Earth Science May 18-22

Earth Science Week 6

Unit 9

  • File: Vocabulary List
    • We have new words for this week.  I know that makes you happy!
    • When you are done pick one word and write a one-page paper on that word.
  • You will be watching some video’s and activities for the week. 



Make sure you try the activity.

We have already discussed how the suns short waves bounce off the atmosphere and the long waves are held in my it so we can heat the planet.  This week we are going to look at how that balance works and in some cases doesn’t work.

Day 1: Watch the Video

  • Video: The Atmosphere
    • Write down and learn the layers
    • What is each layer used for?
    • Where is the ozone layer and what is happening with it?
    • Draw and try to do the concept map with the video
  • Did you learn these vocabulary words?
    • El Nino
    • Convection
    • Albedo
    • Rainy season(s)
    • Thermohaline Circulation
  • Video: Atmosphere Layers Song

Day 2: Telling Weather Instruments

Day 3: Clouds and Weather

Days 4: Watch the Video

Day 5: Activity

  • Video: Make a Rain Gauge
  • It says you need some rocks but modeling clay, glue or any other non-permiable substance will work.
  • Watch the video and try to make your own rain gauge. 
  • If you would like to make a different tool from the weather instrument video that is ok.
  • Send me your pictures of the process and the final product.

Turn In

  • Send me pictures of your answers, your experiment, and your final paper by Saturday of this week to: