Earth Science May 25-29

Earth Science Week 7

Unit 9 Pt. 2 Happy Memorial Day


  • File: Week 9 Vocab Words
  • We have new words for this week. I know that makes you happy!
  • When you are done pick one word and write a one-page paper on that word.

You will be watching some video’s and activities for the week.  

You will show me what you have done by sending a picture(s) to:

Make sure you try the activity.

  • Last week you make your own weather gage and hopefully it worked.
  • This week we are going to look at the factures that go into predicting the weather.

Take notes on each which you should post at the end of the week

Day 1: Predicting the Weather

Day 2: What does land mass or water have to do with weather

Day 3: What do the polar caps do for us

Day 4: What are the different climate zones?

Day 5: Activity - Make a cloud

Video: Cloud in a Bottle - Science Experiment! 

  • Watch the video and try it!

Send me pictures of your answers, your experiment, and your final paper

By Saturday (at the latest) of this weeks work to: