Earth Science June 01-05

Earth Science Week 8


We have new words for this week.  I know that makes you happy!

File: Week 8 Vocabulary

When you are done pick one word and write a one-page paper on that word.

You will be watching some video’s and activities for the week.  You will show me what you have done by sending a picture(s) to:

Day 1: Watch the following videos

Take notes on each which you should post at the end of the week.

Day 2: Carbon Dating and Radiometric Dating

After watching these video’s do you think scientics can accurately figure out the age of the things they find on the earth?


Day 3: Petrification and Micro Fossils

Day 4: Watch the Videos

Day 5: Activity

  • In this unit we explored the work of scientists that have diverse understandings of the origin and age of the earth. For many of our students, the idea that many scientists conclude that the earth is million/billions of years old is a direct challenge to their belief system. 
  • What is learned in this unit, like vocabulary, are tools to help you explore the topic and come to your own understanding. The assigned videos express the scientists own beliefs.
  • Each of you have the right to believe what you want to believe about creation, evolution, the age of the earth and many other ideas.  The ideas you hold should be based on what you believe based on the evidence you have developed on your own.
  • Belief in how old the earth might be is a matter of faith for everyone since no one was there when it happened.
  • Warren Consolidated schools is not trying to tell anyone what to believe but we do encourage everyone to use the wonderful minds you have to explore the possibilities and come up with answers that seem reasonable for you.
  • After you watch the videos, please write me a paragraph that expresses your own thoughts.

Turn In

Send me pictures of your answers, your experiment, and your final paper by Saturday (at the latest) of this weeks work to: