Earth Science June 8-12 (Final)

Earth Science Final Exam

So, we are at the last week of school.

  • Your work must be turned in my Wednesday, so I can get all your grades in by Thur. and your pass/fail by Friday.
  • Some of you only have 3 or 4 weeks turned in and you need at least 5 and your final to get your credit
  • For those of you that had less then a C in the 3rd card marking you need:
    • 6/8 assignments turned in.
    • A very well written final paper.
  • If you had a B or better you need
    • At least 4 complete assignments turned in
    • That means vocabulary and the notes on videos as well as activities
  • If you had a B or better but you only did vocabulary for the 8 weeks you need
    • a very well written paper for this week to get your credit. (vocabulary only = ½ credit for each week)
  • If you had an A+ and you did most of your work in the 4th quarter any paper means you passed.
    • You can write me and tell me how much you learned, and we will be good!

Final Project

This year we have studied the following topics:

  • The formation of rocks
  • The water cycle.
  • The carbon cycle.
  • Multiple dangers the earth faces
  • The planets in our solar system
  • Space.
  • The sun and how if sends out radiation.
  • How energy moves through space.
  • The protective shield around the earth.
  • The zones on our planet.
  • How water changes states and the effect on the earth.
  • The weather
  • Predicting weather
  • Clouds
  • Climate change


Your job is to write me a 3-paragraph paper: 

  • Which of these topics did you find most interesting?
  • What did you learn about them?
  • How will this knowledge effect you in the future?


The lower your grade, the fewer lessons you did, the better the paper needs to be.  Impress me.

PS- If anyone has contact info for:

  • Leena Matelic
  • Donovan Salters
  • Desiree Kawa
  • Fatomata Ndiaya 

Please send it to me or contact him/her and have them contact me.

Have a great summer!

-Mr. Bartlett