Honors Chemistry April 27-May 01

Honors Chemistry Week 3

This is a great week we are going back in history. Only a few videos to watch.

We are looking at alchemy.

Vocabulary (know the definitions)

  • Pure substance
  • Paracelsus
  • Philosopher’s stone
  • Transmutation

Day 1: Watch the Videos


Video: Journeys from Alchemy to Chemistry

Video: In Search Of History: Alchemy: The Science Of Magic 


Day 2: Watch the Video


Video: Alchemy: History of Science #10


Day 3: Questions and Videos


Day 4: Activity 1


  • Stage 1
    • Hopefully you have these materials at home
      • Flour
      • Baking soda
      • Baking powder
      • Butter
      • Sugar
      • Egg(s)
      • Vanilla
      • Salt
      • Raisins, nuts or chocolate chips
    • You should recognize that these are the ingredients to make a cookie.  The question is how much of each you should use. 
      • Now some of you are going to cheat and you will be wasting the entire activity if you do.
      • So how about playing it straight and try to do this the way I tell you so you can really see the difference between alchemy and science?
    • I would like you to make a batch of cookie dough without looking up a recipe. 
      • You need to figure out how much of each ingredient to mix together. 
      • You need to figure out the order, how hot the oven should be, how long you cook them for etc.
    • Make sure to write your personal receipt down.
      • You might accidentally invent the next great cookie!
    • This is how the alchemist of old worked out how stuff was made, no scientific method, no understanding of chemical reactions, just trial and error.
    • Once you have a cookie try it and see how it turned out.  Nothing here is poisonous so you’ll be OK.
    • Save one to take a picture of.


  • Stage two
    • Look up a receipt for your favorite cookie (oatmeal raisin is mine)
    • Notice that the ingredients are very similar to what you used. 
    • Make a batch of cookies following the recipe.
    • Try to find out the science of temperature on the sugar in the cookie.
      • You could also see what role the baking soda plays.
    • Save a cookie to take a side by side picture with your personal cookie.


  • Submitting Assignment
    • When you are done write up a short paper explaining what you learned from this activity and place the cookies on the bottom of the page. 
    • Take a picture and send it to: bartlett@wcskids.net
    • Make sure to include your name, hour and week 3.

Your done for the week!!!

Make sure I get your work by next Saturday