Honors Chemistry May 18-22

Honors Chemistry Week 6

Make sure to take notes on the videos

Day 1: Watch the Video

  • Video: Vinegar and Baking Soda Rocket in Hand
    • In the first video you will see what NOT TO DO!
    • Do you remember the paper you colored the first quarter of all the wrong things to do in chemistry?  As you watch this video list everything he is doing wrong, it’s a long list, and include them with this weeks report.


  • So we started with the idea of what not to do, so onto the ideas of what to do.  In this video the man is making a rocket.


  • Video: Baking Soda and Vinegar Rocket with Steve Spangler
    • Watch the video then answer the question.
    • Did he use alchemy or science in determining the quantity of vinegar and baking soda, explain your answer?
    • Give three examples of how engineering and chemistry came together in this presentation.
    • What type of a reaction did you see?
    • What were the products of this reaction?


  • Video: Baking Soda and Vinegar Cannon
    • Think about the amount of vinegar and backing soda used in this video compared to the last video.  What does it indicate to you?
    • Last week when you mixed the baking soda and the vinegar what ratio did you get?
    • If you don’t remember go back and put a measured amount of vinegar in a cup than add measured amounts of baking soda until it stops foaming.
      • This will give you a ratio, like 1 cup to 3 teaspoons.  
      • You will be using this formula for the next two weeks.

Day 2: Watch the Video(s)


Day 3: Activity 1


Video: Easily restore headlight with baking soda and vinegar

  • Watch this video and then try it on one of the cars you have, this works best if you have an older car.  
    • Show me the before and after picture.
  • He thought that the baking soda was doing the work but what compound was actually doing the work.  
    • How do you know?
    • Include in your weekly report 

Day 4: Activity 2

So we know that chemical reactions can be used for a lot of things in our world.

I have shown you videos of cleaning headlights, hair and sinks.  I have shown you using it for fuel.  

In an email, please send me the answers to these 3 questions:

  1. There are three parts that come from the acid base reaction in mixing baking soda and vinegar: water, CO2 and _______________.  
  2. How could you use the reaction if you were on a deserted island and the plane you were on had cases of baking soda and vinegar?  
  3. Why would knowing the balanced equation matter to you?
  4. Why would it matter?

Day 5: Repeat of last weeks work!!!


  • Look up the formula for vinegar and the formula for baking soda
    • Can you do the acid base reaction to figure out how to balance this equation?
    • So, if you can get the formula can you name the products?  
    • Remember its an acid base reaction so you should know 2 of the 3 products.

Let me know how you did at: bartlett@wcskids.net

Make sure to include your name, hour, and week 6.

Your done for the week

Make sure I get your work by next Saturday

Have fun

Mr. Bartlett