Honors Chemistry May 25-29

Honors Chemistry Week 7


Make sure to take notes on the videos. We are taking a practical look at chemistry in action

Vocabulary: (know the definitions)

  • Limiting Reactant
  • Conversion factor
  • Excess Reactant
  • Molar Mass Formula (g/moles)

Day 1: Watch the Video (Happy Memorial Day)

Day 2: Watch the Videos

  • Video: DRAG RACING CO2 Powered Car VS Supercharged Coke Can
    • When we have fire, a combustion reaction, what are the products?
    • Which one moved the car?
    • Why did one car move faster then the other?
  • Video: DIY Airplane Powered by 4x CO2 Cartridges
    • What part did engineering play in how well the plane worked?
      • Note: Don’t say “a lot” be specific
    • Since you don’t have access to CO2 cartridges, we will make our own CO2 by mixing vinegar and baking soda.
  • Video: Jet Powered Boat Science Experiment
  • Video: DIY Baking Soda & Vinegar Rocket!
    • In the two vinegar and baking soda videos did they use the same ratio of vinegar to baking soda?
    • Why or why not?
  • Activity: Wait, Weight Don't Tell Me
    • Did you guess correctly?  Remember it’s the law of conservation of Mass.
    • Can you use the day one math to figure out how much you should use so you don’t have a limiting or excess reactant?
      • Let’s assume the given is 5 g of vinegar (C2H4O2)
      • The balanced equation is C2H4O2 + NaHCO3 -> CO2 + Na2 CO3 + H2O
      • So now I must put a new measurement in for the amount or 5g of C2H4O2, while the equation was balanced now its not. 
      • Rebalance the equation and figure out the ratio for ever 5g of vinegar how many g of baking soda do I have?
    • Now if you were making a fuel for your boat you would replace the 5 with however many grams of vinegar you are going to use; that is your new given. 
      • Start with your given, how much vinegar do you want to use, you want to figure out how much baking soda you need to balance it.
      • Hint: amount of vinegar in ml x conversion factor = amount of grams of baking soda. 
    • Once you figure out the ratio you can change the amount of vinegar and just use the ratio to figure out how much baking soda you need. 
      • Example a ratio of 5g/1g is the same as 15g/3g. Do you see the pattern and why ratios are such a help to us?



Day 3

  • Video: Mr. B's 3 Steps to Building
    • Decide if you want to build a boat, rocket or car.
      • Remember a thin wall is easy to break
    • Watch a video to figure out the supplies you will need.
      • Get the materials or figure out replacements

Day 4

Day 5

If we were in school, we would pick teams and build a CO2 boat. You would then race them against other classes. 

  • We had Memorial day for day 1, if you just get all the videos and math done and want to build the boat this weekend and show me next week, I understand. 
  • I do want to see video of you launching your vehicle!       


Write up a short paper explaining what you did each day this week and what you learned.

  • Take a picture and send it to: bartlett@wcskids.net
  • Make sure to include your name, hour and week 7.

You're done for the week!

Make sure I get your work by Saturday