Language Arts Curriculum Overview

                                     District 97 Overview:
updated 6 May, 2007

Language Arts Kindergarten

  • Recognizing and writing letters
  • Using letter-sound associations
  • Distinguishing between conventions of print e.g.,
  • front and back of book, top and bottom of page,
  • and left to right directionality
  • Finger pointing accurately
  • Finding target words
  • Predicting outcomes

    Grade K Reading Related Web Sites

  • Experience
    • Big books
    • Concept books (ABC, number)
    • Picture storybooks
    • Poetry, nursery rhymes, songs
    • Predictable books
    • Books representing a variety of ethnic and cultural groups

Grade K Literature Related Web Sites


  • Illustrating a story
  • Retelling a story
  • Dictating a story
  • Writing a phrase
  • Prewriting and drafting
  • Begin development of research skills: find specific information within a source

    Writing Related Web Sites

    • Fairy Tale Cyber Dictionary Project - Classes create pictures and sentences for a fairy tale then share them through the Internet.
    • Cafe Hawthorne - a district 97 showcase of student writings.
    • Bat Magnet Poem Board - This is just like the "real" magnetic poetry board.  You can also change the available words to create poetry about things other than bats!

Spelling Handwriting

  • Learn manuscript


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