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Your web site

Essential questions for this activity:

How can I create a web site about a topic of interest to me and have that site be easy to understand, informative, and interesting to my viewers?

How can appropriately use outside sources in my web site?

End product for this activity:

You are going to create a web site with at least four pages. It will include your index page, two data pages, and a reference page.

Your site will include the following at a minimum:

  • Six photos
  • Four correctly cited sources text sources, and correct sources for all the photos you use.
  • Three data fields of about 150 words - all written by you.
  • Links that navigate between all the pages of the site.
  • Two examples of background colors.

First steps

  1. Create a folder in your Computer Skills folder. Label it ‘Web Site.
  2. Create a Word document entitled ‘Sources’. Save it into your folder entitled ‘Web Site’.
  3. Select a topic for your web site. It may be anything that’s appropriate, except an electronic-based service. Those are always off limits.
  4. Save about 10-12 photos into it. For every photo you save, keep the URL where you located it saved on to Sources.

 You will 'host' the web site to your H Drive.

  • Please, be creative, but always remember there are constraints involved in web site creation.
  • For now, stick with the common fonts- Times New Roman, Arial, Georgia, Helvetica, Verdana.
  • Always insert your artwork.

You will need 10 -12 pictures from which to choose AND their locations for you web site.
Here's how to do it.

Google image search > Search tools > Size > Medium > View image > SAVE PICTURE AS > Save to folder entitled 'Web Page' on your H Drive or flash drive.

From the View image dialogue box listed above follow this path
Visit Page > Copy URL > Paste URL into a Word document > SAVE AS 'Directory' in Web Page folder ( the same folder where you saved your pictures > Add descriptions of artwork below the URL as you wish. These will be for your use later.






image of the words step one

Getting your support materials.

This is very important!
You will need to gather artwork and information for the site you are going to build. You will also need to list the source for all the artwork and information you collect. Be sure to keep a document with the URLs for all the information you gather for your web site. You will use it later to create a references page.

A. Select a topic.
Your topic should be fairly specific. For example, building a web site about dogs would be to broad. If you wanted to build a web site about a specific breed of dog, golden terriers for example, that would be workable. Again, if you wanted to build a web site about football, that would be too broad, but a site about the Dallas Cowboys, would probably work just fine.

B. Make a folder on your H Drive.
You need to make a folder on your H Drive entitled Web Page. This is where you will store everything related to your web page.

C. Create a directory.
Now, create a a Word Document entitled Sources within the folder called Web Page. You will use this to save your search information.

D. Gather images and information.
Begin gathering and saving artwork you want to use in your web site.  SAVE ALL THIS ARTWORK INTO THE FOLDER YOU JUST CREATED IN STEP ONE. You will probably need at least a dozen images and about 6 credible sources.

E. Keep the URLs for each image and information source you use in a word document. I suggest you entitle it 'Sources'. 

Probably the best way to select your art is by conducting a Google image search, setting the Search Tools feature to Size > Medium. The way you do this is to go to Google images and select the Search Tools at the right near the top of the screen. A series of other buttons will show up. Go to the Size feature at the left of the new row of tools. Select medium from the drop down bar. Google image search will select only medium sized images to display.

Download and save a dozen or so images to your Web Page folder on your H drive.

Go through the above list very carefully. Do not ignore any part of these instructions. It would probably be a good idea to have a friend double check it for you.


  • SAVE AS to your H Drive
  • How to conduct a Google image size search
  • How to recognize valid sources of web information.

These are files to help you as you create this portfolio.



Image of the words step two

Begin building the site.

Following the steps below will make your project more successful.

  • Create a basic template for all your pages. How this works is up to you, but it's probably best if you use the same layout for all your pages.
  • As you locate sources and write your copy, be sure to keep in mind that sources must always be cited honestly.
  • Create a references page.

When you are done with this part of the portfolio, check it against the criteria listed above.


All of the skills for the report plus the following:

  • Downloading files
  • Table creation, borders and shading and such

These are files to help you as you create this portfolio.


Image of the words step three
Start assembling the pieces

Now it's time to start putting your site together. Here are some basic rules.

  • Always save your pages into your folder entitled web page.
  • Always edit in MS Word and SAVE AS in HTML.
  • Always insert your images. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE THEM.

When you are done with this part of the portfolio, save it to your H drive, have a class member or partner proof it against the rubric and move on to Part VII.


You will need to be familiar with all of the above skills and the following:


These are files to help you as you create this portfolio.

To obtain your food clip art, I strongly suggest you do this: