We have just begun Unit 2: Measurement. The focus of the first part of this unit will be:

  • measuring using American Standard measurement to the nearest ¼ and ½ inch
  • the metric system to the nearest ½ centimeter
  • converting inches to feet and feet to yards
  • finding the perimeter
  • finding the area

Along with the nightly math homework, please encourage your child to use measurement around you home. This might include:

  • measuring small items with a ruler
    • like the height of items in inches and centimeters.
    • measure all the books on the book shelf
    • the containers in the cupboard
    • other small items
  • measuring larger items with a yard stick or meter stick
    • to measure the length and width of the rooms
    • height and width of doorways
    • items in the yard.
  • measure of perimeter
    • have them measure, calculate and compare the perimeter of the rooms in your house

All of these activities help make math real to them as they apply measurement to their lives.

Practice Links:

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Looking to create a graph or review graph making? The National Center for Education Statistics site can help you create graphs.

Need even more basic fact practice? A + Math has flashcard practice and other games to further build your basis skills.

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