Social Studies

What is our Social Studies focus?

 We have been creating world maps and reviewing:

  We are extending their map knowledge to include:  

names of the continents

Equator and Prime Meridian


lines of longitude and latitude

orientation (compass rose)

 components of a map

globes and map uses

  use of a scale

Within the next few weeks, we will have our map assessment. Be sure to watch for study guides to come home. Your child can use them to study and extend their learning.


Note to Parents: Maps are very exciting and interesting to all of us but especially for children as they begin to realize how big the world really is. This interest can be encouraged and extended by looking at atlases and globes. Having a scavenger hunt using the index in an atlas can be a wonderful way for children to learn to use longitude and latitude as they discover the location of countries, cities and states. When planning a trip local or long distance, ask your child to help with the planning. You might be surprised how few street names your child knows. As they become more independent, it is important they know not just the street they live on but neighboring streets, roads and highways. Learning about the interstate and highway systems also helps to build life long skills. While they are not driving yet, there will be much better drivers knowing the ins and outs of the American roadway systemJ

Looking for up to date news and information? Check out the Time For Kids website at:

National Geographic for kids has information about geography, people and cultures from around the world. It's worth a visit to:

Is it time to test your geography knowledge? Try these games at Sheppards Software at

Think you know Geography? Take a quiz from the National Center for Education Statistics to test your geography knowledge.



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