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Philosophy of Education

I believe the purpose of education is to create individuals that can think independently and become productive members of society. I feel it is my role as an educator to help guide children through their journey to find the information that will answer their questions. I want to help children discover their own passion to learn.

I will provide a safe, secure, accepting, and stimulating environment in my classroom. I will be encouraging to all students and I will be thanking and valuing the diversity in my classroom. I want my students to walk away with a feeling of empowerment. I want them to be strong and educated risk-takers. They are our future and I will support them however I can. I believe each student learns a different way and the teacher should create a curriculum that is based around the students and not create students based around curriculum.

My classroom management will be consistent and fair to all students. I will have high expectations for each and every one of my students. My instructional strategies will be varied by using many different types of resources and teaching strategies. I promise to keep every learning style in mind when creating the curriculum for my students. I believe in having students show what they have learned and not just using pen and paper. I want to see their understanding of the material and my assessments will be varied to achieve this.

To further my support for the students I will provide small group instruction and activities along with offering tutoring before, during and after school. I believe in having a good relationship with those surrounding the school. To make sure this happens I will volunteer my time to the school and its extracurricular clubs and activities. I will make myself available to the parents to conference or just talk. I will give my support to my fellow colleagues and I promise to fully support our school and administration.