Possible Outcomes Lesson Plan

Possible Outcomes (Combinations)

Grade: 4th

Subject: Math

Lesson Topic: Combinations/Possible outcomes

Lesson Objective: TLW review the strategies for determining possible outcomes, and then practice these strategies by playing a class game of combination themed BINGO.

Rationale: It is important for students to learn that there are multiple real-life situations that will require thinking about making different combinations and different possible outcomes (making outfits, ordering from a menu, etc.) as well as developing the students’ critical thinking and logic skills.

TEKS: 4.13: Probability and statistics. The student solves problems by collecting, organizing, displaying, and interpreting sets of data. The student is expected to: (A)  use concrete objects or pictures to make generalizations about determining all possible combinations of a given set of data or of objects in a problem situation.




“Possible outcomes” lesson

BINGO cards



Notebook paper

“Math Rocks” sheet

 “Ted’s Toes” sheet

“DI Snacks” sheet

Anticipatory Set: The teacher will ask the students to share their knowledge of possible outcomes and the strategies used to find them.

Student Expectations: Students will sit quietly on the carpet and listen to instruction, raise their hand for questions or answers, engage in discussion when prompted, and participate in the interactive portions of the lesson. During independent practice, students can work quietly with their table groups.

Instructional Process: The teacher will use the Mimio lesson to interactively review the strategies of finding possible outcomes. The students will be invited to participate at the board as well as engage in meaningful conversation that is directed by the teacher. Higher level questions will be posed to the students at this time.

Once the review is complete, the students will return to their seats and receive a BINGO card. The teacher will then ask the students to fill in their cards any way they wish using the answers given on the Mimeo. After students have finished, directions for the game will be given.

Guided Practice: While the game is being played, students will work out problems on their own paper and be responsible for marking their own BINGO cards. Upon completion of the game, students will clear their desks with the exception of a pencil and clean sheet of paper.

Closure: The teacher will ask the students what they learned, why it is important, and what situations in life would call for using this knowledge.

Independent Practice: Students will work in their table groups to complete the questions on the cards they receive. Each group will receive one set of cards: “Ted’s Toes,” “DI Snacks,” “Math Rocks.”

* Assessment: Assessment will based on teacher observation, questioning, and success on answering the card questions.