Expectations and Consequences

Our school is focusing on three major areas of behavior expectations this year: Respect, Responsibility, and Safety.  We call this "The Bluejay Way".

I have posted seven expectations that fall under these categories on our front board.  Each expectation has a color associated with it to help me track specific areas that students are having trouble following.  I will move colored popsicle sticks to a tracking pocket accordingly if expectations are not being met.  In the student's OCEAN binder, the first page is a behavior monitoring sheet.  Please look to see if there are any tally marks for the day, and simply initial the bottom of the daily column.  If there are no tally marks, you do not need to sign.  

The following are the classroom expectations:  


Classroom Expectations:


Respect Rules:  

  • We will raise our hands to speak.
  • We will treat others with respect.

Responsibility Rules:

  • We will stay on task during class.
  • We will remain seated unless otherwise instructed.
  • We will listen to and follow directions, first time given.
  • We will turn in completed homework on time and bring materials to class to complete work.

Safety Rules:                                       

  • We will keep hands, feet, and other objects to ourselves.
  • We will listen to and follow directions.



  • 0 sticks moved = token earned
  • 1 stick moved = reminder
  • 2 sticks moved = warning
  • 3 sticks moved = 1 minute off structured recess
  • 4 sticks moved= 3 minutes off structured recess
  • 5 sticks moved=5 minutes off structured recess and write reflection