About Me

Hi!  I am a special education teacher, elementary level, learning and behavior disabilities.  I am currently attending Eastern Kentucky University as an online student working on certifications for Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education and Moderate to Severe Disabilities.  You can see my heart is in teaching students with disabilities.   It is my firm belief that students with disabilities can gain so much by being in the inclusive setting of the general education classroom with same-age peers. They gain academically and socially accessing the same general education curriculum.

They do this through the provision of their supports and services as stated in their IEPs and through the use of the many types of technologies available to them.  I am finding more and more benefits of technology for the classroom and the students every day and want to take full advantage of what is available to enhance students' education now and for their futures.  What they learn and use now through technology will be used throughout their lifetimes.

The parents of the students I teach are a vital part of the students' education.  I want them to be a daily component in their children's education and to know every aspect of their child's learning process.  Their concerns are my concerns, and I also want them to share my concerns.  I also want them to share the times of success their children will have.  Through this website we will be able to share these experiences.

I will share the weekly lesson plans through this website so that parents will know what all children are learning.  This is an inclusive classroom, meaning children with and without disabilities are learning together.  When this happens, all children benefit from each other's contributions to the class.  The class will be following the core curriculum with lots of hands-on activities with the children using multiple means of technology to show what they are learning.  Using technology will be a form of daily and weekly assessment for the children.