Written Assignments and Projects

These assignments should be typed, double-spaced, with page numbers and a cover page, and include APA citation style.  Assignments can be submitted electronically, but only in PDF format. 
Writing Prompt 1: Museum/Gallery Visit, Due March 9th
NYC is the international hub of the arts, with tons of museums and galleries for everyone to visit!  Choose a museum or gallery to visit by researching the exhibitions they have to offer.  Some great sources to guide your search are local newspapers and magazines such as the New York Times and L Magazine, online art blogs such as “Art NYC”, museum websites, and etc.  When deciding which museum or gallery to visit, keep your target teaching audience in mind.  If you need suggestions on the best places to visit, please see the instructor.  Write a 2-3 page paper about your visit to this museum or gallery by describing your experience with:
§  the physical space and set up of the museum or gallery
§  educational and/or navigational pamphlets or technologies
§  any interactions with staff and/or other visitors
§  a particular exhibition, work of art, or artist 
In your paper, be sure to include what learning goals you would set if you took your intended teaching audience to this museum or gallery.  Also include interactive ways in which you would view, discuss, and analyze this art with this audience.  
Writing Prompt 2: Curriculum Critique, Due April 6th
Choose a curriculum guide to read and critique in a 2-3 page paper.  To ensure active reading and questioning, highlight sections that speak to you and/or confuse you, and take notes in the margins.  Your paper should include:
§  a brief summary of the curriculum guide
§  identification of instructional approaches
§  analysis of learning goals
§  explanation of whether you think the curriculum is effective or not 
You don’t have to like or agree with the style or methods of this curriculum! Don’t be afraid to be critical of what you are reading by explaining what you think works, what needs revising, and what may be missing. 
Choose one of the following curriculum guides:
L. Jessie. “Graffiti: The Use of the Familiar”.  Art Education, Vol. 57, No. 6 (2004): pg. 25-32. Zander, Mary Jane.  “Murals as Documents of Social History”.  Art Education, Vol. 57, No. 5 (2004): pg. 25-31 
Christine Ballengee-Morris.  “You Can Hide But You Can’t Run: Interdisciplinary and Culturally Sensitive Approaches to Mask-Making”.  Art Education, Vol. 58, No. 5 (2005) pg. 12-17. 
Hutton and Urbanska.  “Examining Prejudice through Art: Reynolda House of American Art”.  Art Education, Vol. 50, No. 5 (1997): pg. 25-28.  
Writing Prompt 3: Social Justice Issue, Due May 21st
Write a 5-6 page research paper that explains a social justice issue of interest to you.  Your paper should include:
§  a description of the issue
§  an explanation of the different sides or views surrounding the issue
§  a critical analysis of past, current, and possible solutions to the issue
§  a critical analysis of artists who address this issue in their work
§  an explanation of how you would plan a thematic unit about the issue for your intended teaching audience 
Lesson PlanYou will write one lesson plan which will be revised three times.  Please follow the lesson plan format that is given to you.  Feel free to reorganize this format in a way that you are comfortable with. 
1st Draft, Due April 13th                           
This draft should emphasize learning goals, “big ideas”, and the selection of materials and media; when brainstorming for your lesson plan use the “Form+Theme+Context” appendix and turn this in with the draft 
2nd Draft, Due April 27th                         
This draft should include how you plan to integrate a social justice component to the lesson; be sure to turn in the peer feedback you received from your partner with this draft  
Final Lesson Plan, Due May 11th          
The final lesson plan should include how you plan to integrate a literacy component to the lesson and turn in all revision materials