Classroom Technology Rules

Rules For Using Classroom Technology

We all know how important internet and technology safety can be.  Students as young as eight years old have smart phones these days and too often situations occur that could potentially be avoided if rules and standards were enforced about using technology.  Below are a few rules that could be implemented in the classroom when students are using technology. You'll also find some additional resources to drive your own classroom technology rules.

1. Be sure to keep all food and drinks away from sources of technology such as computers, cameras and phones.

2. Respect the privacy of others. Unless there is reason to believe that someone may be engaging in activities that are dangerous to themselves or others, keep your eyes on your screen.

3. Never share personal information such as passwords, user names or account information with other people, not even best friends.

4. Never attempt to "fix" a technology problem by yourself.  If you have a problem with your device (computer, camera or phone) get an adult to help.  Attempting to "fix" problems can lead to a bigger mess.

5. Only access websites that you have permission for and those that are appropriate.  Many educational institutions have blocks on inappropriate websites, however, these sites can still be accessed accidently through popup sites.

6. Take extreme care of your technology.  Whether you are using a laptop, phone or camera, treat it with care and use BOTH hands for carrying.  Don't run, throw, slam, drop or do anything else destructive to these forms of equipment.  Not only are they expensive, but sometimes hard to replace.

7. Never take inappropriate pictures, send or share risky text messages, or share personal information such as name, address and location on any website.  Information such as this is out for the entire world to see and share if it reaches the internet.

8. Never use any form of technology for bullying, verbal or mental abuse or threats.

9. Always log off when your are done with your device.  Leaving your account information available for others can be dangerous for you and the person using the device after you.

10. Never download anything without permission.


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