Safe Internet Use

How Students Use the Internet Safely.

Think with the Future in mind.

Most young adults commit the mistake of taking photos that will possibly hang around and haunt them the rest of their lives! These types pictures are known in the cyber world as a "digital tattoo."

39 percent  of teens that post  things to social sites that they later in life regret!

Viruses that come through Email is a common danger that can give predators access to your personal information.

Be sure to enable pop-up blockers so that tempting viruses are avoided.

Be mindful of Technology Misuse!

People manufacture weapons to harm others rather than create something to help themselves.
The world wide web is often used to intimidate and threat others.
People use cameras from phones to capture pictures and video that could possibly harm reputations of others.


The following videos display a few tips for some safe internet usage:


Various Resources and Websites: (Kids Health: Internet Safety) (New York Public Library: Internet Safety Tips for Children and Teens) Health: Internet Safety)