Classroom News Page

UPDATE 4/21/10

Students are getting ready to take a quiz on the first section of Chapter 9: Proportions. Quiz will be on Friday, April 23rd.

UPDATE 4/15/10

Students have just completed chapter 8 on Geometric Shapes and Angles. We had fun constructing geometric figures with construction paper. Students decorated their figures and will add them to their portfolios. 

UPDATE 4/10/10

Students are getting ready to present their math portfolios for the end of the year. They are collecting previous projects, quizzes, and homework assignments to put into their portfolios. Students will present this information on May 17 to the school. Parents can check this out at their parent/teacher conferences.

UPDATE 4/5/10

Students have just completed their first test for the 3rd quarter marking period. This was on Chapters 6 & 7. Students will be sent home with their test to be SIGNED by their parents. PLEASE return ASAP!!