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        Peter Taubman     

 Peter Taubman began his career in education in 1969 as a high school English teacher in New York.  He earned his doctorate degree in curriculum theory in 1980 and became a professor of education in 1996   He is currently a professor at Brooklyn College in New York for the School of Education.  While at Brooklyn College, he helped to development the Bushwick School for Social Justice, a small urban high school in Brooklyn.  In addition to his administrative duties at Brooklyn College, he also teaches an acting class at the Bushwick School in order to stay connected with the youth of the city.  He is also involved with Day of the Poet, an annual event he began seven years ago for the high school students of Brooklyn.  He has written several publications, including both articles and books.  For the particular book that this website discusses, he was awarded the Outstanding Book Award from the American Educational Research Association's Division B (Curriculum) in 2009. 



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