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Final Project Part One

            Teaching Plans: I am Currently working on my Bachelors in Science degree I have three more semesters. I have taken several courses towards my Secondary-Teacher Licensure. These courses have helped me develop teaching skills and technology skills that will benefit not only me as a teacher, but the students as well. I am well educated in PowerPoint, prezi, making a website, grading and organizing with excel. I can make a power point that gets the students engaged in the class. I have learned to add more picture than words and explain each slide in a way each student will get.  I am also educated with clickers and how it can get students interact and do quizzes and test after the power point lesson or just a quiz in general. However, I would like to keep developing more in these skills. I can do this by using them more and practicing with them as technology changes.  I want each student in the classroom to have laptops and learn how to use these tools so they can use them in future classes.

            I am planning on teaching high school level English so I can coach football on the side. I want to inspire youth that they can do anything they put their minds to and work at. I want to teach students that reading is a portal into another world, and is not just pages on a book. Also to critically think and critique what the writer is saying in the passages the student is reading. I also want to inspire kids and pass on the athletic skills I have learned as a collegiate athlete to young you to help the be successful in athletics as well and be the best they can be on and off the field.

            My goal is to be a student centered teacher. I want to get the students involved in everything we do in class. I want them to step out of their comfort zones and be confident in what they are doing. For me growing up my confidence level was at an all-time low. I want to teach kids to be confident in what they are dong and take pride in their work.  Technology will be a big part of this.  Students will be working together and individually on Laptops to do response papers, reading assignments, quizzes, and PowerPoint presentations throughout the class. I will explain assignments and also provide them with specific directions, and students will be responsible for reading those directions and completing the assignment in the correct way as the directions say. Some projects will require the students to work together to complete them.


Part Two

            Hardware: I want 35 lap tops with a charger portable box to store them in. These could be used in other classrooms when not being used in another, but also a teacher can download things on all the computers at once instead of individually. I also want an interactive white board. So me and students can present presentations in a way that attracts the attentions of the audience. With this the students can present and use the full ability of the smart board and computer to present in a professional manor. I can also break down readings up on the smart board to make more understandable for the students.

       Software Tools: Each student will create an individual Wiki site http://www.pbworks.com/ and will connect it to my Wiki site. This will be for posting assignments and turning in assignments. It is also for communication with parents and students. This Software tool is free and effect for organizing assignments and communicating.  Another software I will most likely use is https://www.edmodo.com/  it is set like a facebook. It provides a great social media like structure that allows me to save grade, quizzes, tests, and allows students to access their work, grades, etc.…