Mrs.Schilling's First Grade Stars



January 16th: No School. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 23rd: No School. District Day. 

December Class News!

In December  we learned all about Holidays Around the World. We created a passport and read literature about the holidays celebrated in other countries as we completed a virtual vacation. 

We completed unit 3 in math and have now moved on to unit four. We are collecting data by creating surveys and making representations of the information we have collected. 

In science, we will begin to study light and sound waves and how they can be adjusted. We will create an instrument out of straws as an inquiry class project. 

January is a busy time with reading benchmarks and other assessments taking place ahead of report cards. Daily folders will include practice books that have been selected by your student instead of guided reading practice books.

Thank you for always supporting your child's learning! You are your child's first teacher and I am glad to be a member of the team. 


Elizabeth Schilling


Once a learner, always a learner...

This is my first time incorporating a website for communication and other classroom information. I am learning as I go, so please bear with me. Implementing a website also helps me to understand the perspective of my student's as they endeavor to learn something new and build their understanding. I will post each monthly newsletter on our class website on the first Friday of the month as well as the list of weekly spelling words each week.    

Communication: Email, Daily Folder and Telephone

 I use the daily folder to communicate with notes from the teacher to parents or vice versa. Please feel free to send any communication in the folder and I will respond promptly. If email is a better way to communicate, I can be contacted at I can also be reached by telephone during my plan time, 11:10-11:45 on days 1, 3 and 5 or 11:45-12:20 on days 2 and 4 through the school office at 605-923-0080. 


Spelling words for the week of January 3rd-January 6th:

  • ate
  • will
  • white
  • came
  • eat
  • bonus: because

Ideas for Spelling Practice(optional):

Rainbow words (write each word using several crayons), clapping out each letter as you spell the word, forming the letters with playdoh, writing with chalk while playing outside, hiding the spelling words in a picture, making a crossword puzzle with the spelling words and any other ideas that you can think of to help with spelling!

First Grade Friendly websites:

Reading, science, social studies:, and



Monthly Newsletters

I have decided to post the monthly newsletters directly on the website instead of trying to upload a pre-created document. The newsletter will list important information and what we are learning in the classroom as well as any upcoming events.