Mrs. Etienne's Arts and Humanities


I am looking forward to an exciting year of Arts and Humanities at Old Mill! On this site, you will be able to find information about what we are learning in class, about and how to contact me, as well as my weekly lesson plans.


August Composer of the Month

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

This year we will be having a Composer of the Month. We will focus on interesting facts about that composer, listen to several pieces written by him/her, and participate in numerous activities related to that composer. Below, you will find a link to information about our August composer, Mozart. Look over the information and be sure to ask your children what they have been learning about him! :)

August Focus Country


In addition to our Composer, we will also have a country that we focus on each month. With the Summer Olympics in Rio, I thought it fitting to start out with Brazil. Students will learn cultural traditions, dances, folk songs, etc. about each country. We will focus on the country for one to two lessons each month, so be sure to check the lesson plans so you know when to ask your kids about all they know about Brazil! ;) Each student will also be given their own "passport", which will be stamped at the conclusion of each month's study. It will be theirs to take home at the end of the year.