Ms. Fleming's Super 17

Ms. Fleming's Super 17 Rules of Success


  1. Raise your hand without speaking and never speak out of turn
  2. Never touch  another student unless given permission
  3. Be respectful of other students working
  4. Do not play drums or tap on things around you
  5. Have two sharpened pencils and homework folder at the start of the day.
  6. Walk silently in the hall and in a straight line.
  7. Never complain about working with another student or sitting near another student.
  8. Pick up after yourself and organize your things.
  9. Say "Thank You" when I pass something out and realize how much work teachers put into planning lessons.  When I assign something or give homework there will be no complaining.
  10. Do not leave your seat without permission.  Hold up your pencil if you need to sharpen it and I will nod if you can go at that time.  Hold two fingers up if you need to use the bathroom and I will nod if it is an appropriate time to go.
  11. Greet other teachers by name;  "Good Morning, Mr. Flaherty" or "You look very nice today Mrs. Orlando."
  12. Never gossip about another student or bully people.  Do not make fun of their clothing or their work.
  13. Never argue with a punishment that I give or you will that I give or you will serve double the time or get double the work.
  14. Always do your homework and projects.  
  15. Always be honest no matter what!
  16. Do your best work on everything.  Do not rush through assignments or projects.  You will do them again.
  17. Life is not fair but live the life you want by being the person that you most ADMIRE!