Classroom Expectations and Grading Policies

Classroom Expectations: 


- Students come prepared with a notebook, writing utensil, planner, and learning mindset 

- Students are respectful to others, themselves, and any property of the school 

- Students communicate respectfully and patiently with themselves, the teacher, and their peers, even if they disagree with other's opinions 

- If a student is distubing the learning enviroment then they will be asked to leave 


                                               Grading Policies:


40% participation: discussion in class, writing journals, and last thoughts worksheets 

10% Quizzes: 2 quizzes per unit unless otherwise noted 

30% Homework: Handed in on time, -5 points every day past the day it was due 

20% Essays: There is one short essay after each unit, 4-6 pages in length. Prompts will be given for the student or they can write about their own topic relating to the book as long as it approved first. Students will be graded on their how well the argue their thesis, grammar, sentence strucutre, and organization of their paper. 


PBL replaces the participation grade and quiz grade. There will be a reflective essay at the end of the unit and homework will be used as a check point for what the student has completed at certin points in the quartes. Three checks to total the 30% homework grade to be accounted for 100%. 


For the research paper, students will be accounted for participation for how well they use their time in class to work on their paper. Homework check will be accounted for through students fulfilling their sources to be checked and their rough draft checked. Quiz grades will be earned with peer editting during class.