See PROJECTS TAB for directions Due 5/31 for Even & 5/30 for Odd

Family tree

Create a family tree, start with yourself and work your way back to parents, grandparents, etc. You decide if you want to include siblings or just yourself. Include a picture or flag and one fact (i.e. when they were born, where they were born)

The autobiography

Write about your life and experiences. This does not have to typed keep in mind I will read it so be mindful of what you want to share with me and what you would rather keep private. (The length will vary should be two or more pages).

President Policy Project Due 4/17 for Even 4/18 for Odd

Part I

Fill out the form you copied in class

Region of the world: _________  U.S. President: _______

Name of the event: _________


Explain in 2-3 sentences


Choose ALL that apply: Political  Economic  Social


Explain how the U.S. responded to the event(s) may include policies, initiatives, or actions * use evidence


What factors influenced U.S. involvement?


Choose ALL that apply: Humanitarian  Political  Economic

1-2 sentence explaining your choice


Did the America public support U.S. involvement with the event? Yes ___ No__


Did the Media play a role in the pubic's opinion? Yes ___ No ___

Explain your answer choice(s) in 2-4 sentences


Part II

1. Create a poster (on printing paper) for your assigned policy

2. It must include: the year, an image, the cause, course, and consequence, and the reason for U.S. involvement.


 Per. 1                      Policy                                Per. 3

Mashyia-                 Détente                           Cassie

Kassdricka-             Nixon's visit to China     Felicity

Leroy-                     Watergate                       Sapphire

Kevon-                    NAFTA                       Jalin

Fredranese-             OPEC Boycott                Nadejah

Jabari-                     Helsinki Accord              Fernando

Joshua-                    Panama Canal Treaty     Joshua G.

Antwan W.-            Camp David Accord       Bryanna

Dominique-             Iranian Revolution          Aleiya D.

Wallace-                  Iran Hostage Crisis         Genesis

Jhonelly-                 End of the Cold War       Emilie

Daniel-                    Intervention Somalia      Tiffany

Tamara-                    First Gulf War (Kuwait) Shantell

Trayon-                   2000 Election               Keion

Cristian C.-             Air strikes in Libya         Ashley

Dontrell-                 Reagan Doctrine             Malik R.

Antwan C.-             Iran-Contra Affair           Jaquan

Amari-                     Strategic Defense            Blasdimir

Shayla R.-               Talks with Gorbachev    Breann

Shylar                             War on Terror            Monhongany

Ashanti                Iraq War                     Emmany

Bruce                  Struggle with the French (1946)          

Morales               Rwanda Genocide

Ester                    First Gulf War                  

Enrique               War on terror     

Angel                  Reagan Doctrine

Christopher         Helsinki Accord



Per. 7           Policy                                 Per. 8

Quortni-         Détente                                   M’Kayla

Shayla K.-       Nixon's visit to China             Oreoluwa

Brentasia-        Watergate                               Rayquwann

Kendrick-        Pardon of Nixon                     Elias

Zavion-           OPEC Boycott                        Breanna

Danny-            Helsinki Accord                      Tamia

Jose M.-          Panama Canal Treaty             Darius J.

Melvin-           Camp David Accord               Diovonni

Malik A. -       Iranian Revolution                  Savienn

Jonathan G.-    Iran Hostage Crisis                 Zamir

Rushane         End of the Cold War               Lawrence

Janiya-             Intervention Somalia              Reynold         

Dextiney-        First Gulf War (Kuwait)         Lecian

Tierra-             War on Terror                   Cheyenne

Darius S.-        Air strikes in Libya                 Nia

Junior-             Reagan Doctrine                    

Tyaisha-          Iran-Contra Affair                  

Genaysha-       Strategic Defense                   

Shamiya-         Talks with Gorbachev           

Marco                      Struggle Against the French (1946)       

Luis              Iraq War

Julio             Rwanda Genocide     

Greter           First Gulf War                  

Darryl          War on terror     

Jonathan R.  Reagan Doctrine

Justin G.       Helsinki Accord

Giana -            Iranian Revolution                      



Per. 5                  Policy                        Per. 4

Kashariay                Détente                           Dwayne

Cortney-         Nixon's visit to China             Shakira

Shelton-          Watergate                               Neveah

Susana-           Pardon of Nixon                     Cach’E

Yuliana-         OPEC Boycott                        Hector

Cresmeri-       Helsinki Accord                      Kierra

Jesus-              Panama Canal Treaty             Aliyaih

Gerrod-           Camp David Accord               Kevin

Nikeia-            Iranian Revolution                  Louicius

Davonte -        Iran Hostage Crisis                 Marian

Destiny-          End of the Cold War               Maxeau

Picado-            Intervention Somalia              Pajil

Larenz-            First Gulf War (Kuwait)         Nicole

Javez-              Struggle against the French (1946) Marshai’

Jovan-             Air strikes in Libya                 Daren

Ruben-            Reagan Doctrine                     Ali

Victore-           Iran-Contra Affair                   Lajuan

Kamari-           Strategic Defense                    Ka’Yonna

Saldariaga-      Talks with Gorbachev            Denise

Anthony-          War on Terror                   Tishann

Steven-         Iraq War                            Azam

Loveth-        2000 Election                    Raniyah

Tishara-        Rwanda Genocide             D’Andre

Zavius-         NAFTA                            Jonathan S.

Deyaneira-   Withdrawal from Iraq        David

Jai’El           First Gulf War                   Natalya

Shonteria      War on terror                    Alexis

Latwan         Reagan Doctrine

Antoine        Helsinki Accord



        World History Passport: (Ongoing)

Topics 1- Due   for Even  Odd

For Each of the topics you will have a section called :

Key Terms (5 terms and their definitions)

Key People (3 people minimum and their impact)

Major Events (4 events)

For topic 18 the terms are: imperialism, militarism, nationalism, fascism, socialism. The key people and events should relate to the topic.

Topics are listed below


The first page inside the passport should have the following:

Period ___

Issues to: Your name

Valid: 2016-2017

Mrs. Steadham

A photo of you and an image that represents you


For Each of the topics you will have a section called :

Key Terms (5 terms and their definitions)

Key People (3 people minimum and their impact)

Major Events (4 events)



Topic 1:   Byzantium and Eastern European Empires 


Key Terms:

1. Secular- not religious

2. Clergy- Religious leader Christianity

3. Ordeal- Trial used by Germans

4. Patriarch- Head of the church

5. Idolatry- Worship of religious images


Key People:

1. Charlemagne- Created the Carolingian Empire

2. Clovis- Created the Frankish Kingdom

3. Constantine- Declared religious tolerance for Christianity


Major Events:

1. Eastern Roman Empire became Constantinople

2. Combines Greek & Roman architectural styles

3. Crusades weakened the empire

4. Renamed Istanbul and became the center of Islamic culture


Topic 2:  The Rise of Islam

Topic 3: Early Middle Ages & East Asia

Topic 4: Later Middle Ages

Topic 5: African Civilization

Topic 6: Meso & South American Civilization

Topic 7: Rise of Western European Intellectual Movements

Topic 8 Age of Exploration

Topic 9: Asia in Transition( East Asia)

Topic 10: Asia in Transition ( Muslim Empires)

Topic 11: New Era of Absolutism & Enlightenment

 Topic 12:Empires, Colonies and Peoples of the Americas

Topic 13: The Industrial Revolution

Topic 14: The Age of Revolutions (American & French)


Topic 15: Age of Revolutions (Latin American & Caribbean)

Topic 16: Age of Ism's

Topic 17: Global Imperialism

Topic 18: Age of Isms (Nationalism & Militarism)

Topic 19: The First World War

Topic 20: The Interwar Era

Topic 21: The Course of World War II

Topic 22: Post World War/ Cold War Era

Topic 23: Toward a New World Era

Topic 24: Voyage into the 21st Century