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Vienna Early Learning Center General Information

           Welcome to the Vienna Early Learning Center!  I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to potentially work with your child/children in the upcoming school years.  It is exhilarating to know that we can further your child's success in school and beyond.  The purpose of this program is to provide children with a right to learn in a long lasting, and caring community.  If you ever have any questions or concerns, please contact me at or call (573) 422-3365.  Again, I am very excited to get the honor of building on your child's strenths, interests and needs!  - Mrs. Ellie Glick Director of the Vienna Early Learning Center


  • AM & PM Sessions  There are two half day sessions.  The AM session is from 7:50 -10:50 and the PM session is from 12:15 - 3:15.  We serve 20 children in the morning session and 20 in the afternoon session. We run on the same school calendar as the rest of the district (with only a few differences).


  •  Funding for the Vienna Early Learning Center is provided almost entirely through Federal Title 1 funds and State Early Childhood Special Education funds whatever is not covered through those funding sources is covered by local funds.


  • Cost  The Maries R-I school board has decided to fund our program free of charge to parents, so if you get a chance to thank them for providing you with this outstanding free service please let your opinion be heard. However, we will continue to request a $10 per month donation for our snack and activity fee that allows us to provide nutritious snacks for our students.


  • Transportation will be provided through the Maries R-I bus service and/or parent pick-up and drop-off.  As state laws regulate, children can ride the regular school bus routes to VELC for the AM session and from school in the PM session only if they are four or older. All children can ride the mid day route as we have seat belts on the preschool bus, however we cannot appease all families on the mid day route as our time restraints and ability to pick up/drop off the most amount of kids possible mandate our route.


  • Curriculum  The curriculum here at VELC is based upon Let’s Begin with the Letter People.  We provide developmentally appropriate practices according to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.  We will offer children a chance to grow and learn autonomously, including all children’s interests and needs.                                                           Let’s Begin with the Letter People has many assets to bring to our VELC curriculum as it aligns to national and state Pre-K standards, it is developmentally appropriate and has a strong focus on skills development.


  • Waiting List  We have a lengthy waiting list that is constantly being updated.  If you would like for your child to attend VELC this is the only way to make sure that eventually they will be allowed into our program.  Please contact us at your earliest convenience to place them on the list.  Our contact information is on the back of this brochure!


  • Enrollment Process The enrollment policy for VELC is as follows;  Students are eligible/notified for an opening in this order:
  • 1) Children who receive early childhood special education services If students qualify for special education services they are then made eligible for a spot in our program. These students can receive itinerate services, outside of our building, during the time that they are attending VELC.
  • 2) Children who were enrolled the previous year - If they are not age eligible to enter Kindergarten they can return to VELC - Once a child is eligible Kindergarten they must enroll in Kindergarten. If a Kindergarten eligible student’s parent would like for their child to remain in VELC for another year, it will need to be brought before a Maries R-I team. The team will determine the best placement for the child.
  • ?3) Children who will be entering Kindergarten the next year by date put on the waiting list This will ensure that children will have a better chance of entering our program before they move onto kindergarten. This will also help transportation issues as if they are under the age of four they will not be able to ride the regular bus routes.
  • 4) Children who would go to Kindergarten the following years by age and date put on our waiting list This will fill any remaining spots available in our program. These spots will not be filled until September 1 st so that all older children are given the opportunity to enter our program over the summer break and August enrollment.
  • All final decisions about enrollment into the VELC program will made by Maries R-I administration and VELC staff.
  • ***If openings occur throughout the school year VELC will go back to the beginning of this enrollment policy to fill the spots.
  • **If someone wishes to not have their child attend VELC for the upcoming year, they remain in their “waiting list spot” for the following year.
  • Attendance Policy The attendance policy for VELC is as follows; Students who have two consecutive weeks of unexcused absences will be dismissed from the program. *Excused absences will be given for the following reasons: Illness, illness in the family, death in immediate family, medical and dental appointments, some, not all pre-arranged absences with permission from the principal. **All final decisions about enrollment/dismissal will be made by Maries R-1 administration and VELC staff. 


Quotes from our Parent Evaluation:

- “I feel very comfortable leaving my son to the educators and I know that he is learning in a fun way.  The program has kept my child interested in learning and he wants to keep learning!”

- “I like the letter people, they really work!”


 Vienna Early Learning Center Mission Statement

Vienna Early Learning Center provides an environment where children can belong to a long lasting, caring, and learning community.  Children will have a sense of self-sufficiency where they can work together to facilitate their social, ethical, and emotional development!