Sight Words

Here is a list of the sight words the children need to know by the end of First Grade. Make sure your child is able to read them without sounding them out. There will be a test on the first half of the words in January and the second half in May. Flash cards will be made at school for each word and may be brought home as long as they are returned to school! smiley

  • FIRST HALF: the   said   of   do   into   to   who   you   your   color   what   from   are   friend   their   there   come   some   does   goes   been   put   want   was where   two   done   one   sure   don't   won't   bought   brought   fought   thought   could   should   would   school   says   give   have   live   they
  • SECOND HALF: people   eye   love   move   other   mother   another   brother   any   many   something   answer   were   Earth   heard   early   word   work   world    learn   once   today   together   tomorrow   again   four   because   country   America   animal