Supply List

Junior High 2011-12 Supply List

  • Trapper Keeper with 3 rings
  • 3 Packages of Loose- Leaf Paper
  • Pencils (No Pens)
  • Colored-pencils
  • Zippered pencil pouch with holes
  • 4 – Three-hole plastic folders (red, blue, green, purple)
  • 6 Composition Books (NO SPIRALS)
  • Calculator [Texas Instrument –TI- 30Xiis OR TI-34ii]
  • *USB Flash drive (minimum of 64 MB)

*Returning Students do not need a new USB Flash drive


  • All students must bring trapper keeper to each class.

  • The trapper must contain a folder for each subject according to our color coding system.

  • The folders must have three holes and placed inside the rings of the trapper keeper in order of the students' daily schedules.

  • We will have periodic trapper checks, which will count as an organization grade for each student.

  • Students, place all completed homework assignments in the correct folders and do your best to remain organized.

  • Parents, please sign your child's assignment book daily.

  • The teachers often put important notes about homework and/or behavior in the assignment book.

Folder Colors

  • Red- English Language Arts
  • Blue - Social Studies
  • Green- Science
  • Purple- Math