Netiquette and Safe Internet Usage

Netiquette and Safe Internet Usage

Netiquette is a term commonly used to describe network etiquette. It defines the appropriate use of online communication throughout cyberspace.


Social Media: online communication that is used by the  community for interaction and content-sharing. Currently the most popular would be FaceBook and Twitter.

How to Guide (creating a school social media policy):

Cyberbullying: when others are bullied online/ electronically.

  • Monitor students and children when they are online.
  • Research and visit their websites frequently.
  • Always have access to their passwords and review their pages frequently.
  • Always be aware of what they are doing and ask questions.
  • Keep communication with your students or children so that they are aware of the necessity for them to notify you immediately of any concerns or issues.


Quick Tips:

Safe Internet Usage for Students

  • Share passwords with parents and parents only.
  • Obey the rules for internet usage.
  • Do not give out personal information, especially to strangers.
  • Check with parents before changing anything to the computer set up.
  • Do not become a victim, nor contribute to anyone becoming the victim of cyber bullying.
  • Do not agree to meet with anyone that you meet online.
  • Report things to parents that make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Have your parents approve your posts before posting them, especially if they contain photos.

Safe Internet Usage Video for Students