Weekly News Letter



Upcoming Events:        S. L. Mason Carnival         Thursday   10-1   (5-7:00)                                                                            


READING:       Elias Sifuentes, Restauranteur (Open Court) Genre:   

Expository Text Skill:      Main Idea and Detail, Graphic Organizer (Discussing), Previewing, Word Knowledge, Vocabulary                                                                                                                                                                     

CONVENTIONS: (English) 4 Kinds of Sentences, Complete Subjects and Predicates                                                                                                  

 WRITING:     Fantasy Based Narrative

·         Students begin to publish


Monday: Review                                            

Test: Tuesday   (Explorers)                               

Tuesday-Friday - (Life in the New England, Mid-Atlantic, and Southern Colonies)                                             

             Math:                          Multiplication Unit

We are continuing to work on multiplication. The students are working at different levels. We have begun working on 3 digits by 2 digits. Please continue to work with your child if they do not know their times tables. Not know their times tables, makes it very difficult for them to do the long multiplication. 

Tuesday – Quiz on 2 digit by 2 digits multiplication  

Science:                       Weather Unit

Monday – Study Guide and review

Tuesday – Unit test on Weather

Wednesday – Start - Day and Night


Math3-digit by 2-digit WorksheetPractice worksheetPractice worksheetPractice worksheet
ScienceStudy for Weather TestNo HomeworkNo HomeworkNo Homework


 Thank You,

Ms. Wilson and Mrs. Guess