Class Rules and Policies

Classroom Rules

1.  Treat others as you would like to be treated.

2.  Listen carefully and follow directions.

3.  Respect others and keep your hands and feet to yourself.

4.  Be prepared by having all materials ready.

5.  Keep your desk and work area neat.

6.  Always do your best.


1       Mark-    Warning

2       Marks-  Note home and loss of 5 minutes of recess.

3       Marks-  Letter sent home with student to be signed by parents.

4       Marks-  Lose one day of recess

5       Marks-  Phone call to parents

6       Marks-  Classroom isolation or teacher exchange. Student must complete a Behavior Form to address their behavior.

8       Marks-  Discipline referral 

****Extreme or unacceptable behavior can result in being sent directly to the office.