Science Current Vocabulary Words

Science Current Vocabulary Words


weather- the overall condition of the atmosphere at a given time and place.

climate- the average weather conditinos of an area over a long period of time.

cold front- forms as a cold air mass meets a warm air mass.

warm front- forms as a warm air mass pushes into a cold air mass.

stationary front- an unmoving front where a cold air mass and a warm air mass meet.

precipitation- water that falls from the atmosphere to the surface.

wind vane- shows wind direction

anemometer- measures wind speed

barometer- measures air pressure

rain gauge- measures the amount of rain received

thermometer- measures air temperture

air pressure- the force that air exerts in all directions over an area.

air mass- a body of air that has similar temperature and moisture throughout.

atmosphere- Earth's blanket is a layer of gases.