Learning Styles

Each individual learns differently. As educators, we try to incorporate many differnt learning styles into each lesson to ensure that all students have the chance to learn the material the best way for them. But how do we know what our learning style is?

There are three different types of learning styles:

Visual Learner - You learn better when you see the material in front of you (handouts, graphs, seeing the chalkboard/overhead, etc.)

Auditory Learner - You learn better when you hear someone talk about the material or it is repeated orally (lectures, speeches, listening to news on the radio, books on tape, etc.)

Kinesthetic Learner - You learn better when you have things to do with your hands/body while you are being taught (hands on projects, movement in the classroom, etc.)


Take the quiz below to find out the best way that you learn!


Learning Style Inventory

  For each statement below, circle “T” if the statement is true for you most of the time. Circle “F” if the statement is false for you most of the time.            

 1. I have poor handwriting


 2. I have trouble copying from a book or chalkboard T  F 
 3. I easily forget what I read unless it is talked about in class.    T F
 4. I prefer hearing instructions explained out loud instead of having to read written instructions. T F
 5. I would rather listen to music than watch TV.    T F
 6. I would rather talk on the phone than write a letter to someone. T F
 7. I would rather be in a group discussion than read about a topic. T F
 8. I like to take part in dramatic events like plays.  T F
 9. I would rather read about a topic than hear about it.   T F
 10. I like to read ahead when material is being read aloud. T F
 11. I like rooms that have lots of posters and pictures to see.  T F
 12. I can learn to spell words by simply reading them several times.  T F
 13. I would rather read a book than hear it on tape.  T F
 14. I have difficulty remembering directions that I hear.  T F
 15. I would rather go to a movie than a concert.  T F
 16. I would rather watch athletic events than participate.  T F
 17. I don’t understand math well unless I work out lots of problems. T F
 18. I would rather do experiments in science than read about them. T F
 19. I like to make models or hand-crafted projects.  T F
 20. I prefer to participate in sports rather than watch.  T F
 21. I get bored in meetings/classes where I just have to sit and listen.   T F
 22. I have difficulty remembering directions told to me if I have not done a similar activity before. T F
 23. I like being outside doing activities like hiking, biking, swimming, horseback riding, etc.  T F
 24. I dislike going to museums where I can’t touch anything.  T F


  • Count the number of true statements in each section.
  • Questions 1-8 refer to your auditory score
  • Questions 9-16 refer to your visual score
  • Questions17-24 refer to you kinesthetic score
  • The highest number is the learning style preference.
  • If all three numbers are about the same, the individual is multimodal and can learn in any way.