Grade 5

Grade 5 Courses

English 5
English 5 students work at developing accuracy in writing for a variety of purposes.  Correct spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and sentence variety are emphasized.  In addition, students learn rules of grammar and parts of speech.  Students begin to use more specific verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and figurative language; and they work on editing for accuracy, as well as on using more effective oral and written communication skills.
SOL Tests –Writing 5   
Math 5
Grade 5 Math emphasizes addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division using whole numbers and decimal numbers.  We continue the work with fractions begun in grade 4, stressing addition and subtraction of like and unlike denominators, and multiplication.  Students solve word problems and equations and use mental math and estimation.  Geometry concepts such as lines, angles, polygons, triangles, and quadrilaterals are taught. Students will find the area and perimeter of polygons using formulas. Students will learn measurement concepts in both metric and customary. Calculators are used for some computation, but all students need to have a firm foundation in their basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts to be successful.
SOL Test – Math 5
Reading 5
Reading 5 builds on previously taught skills, and then expands into more abstract thought, such as finding the main idea, predicting outcomes, drawing conclusions, summarizing, paraphrasing, making inferences, and developing vocabulary. Emphasis is on comprehension and reading with accuracy and fluency.
SOL Test – Reading 5 

Social Studies 5

Fifth grade Social Studies is a unique study of American History with emphasis on the United States.  Beginning with Pre-Columbian Native Americans, West Africans, and Europeans and continues until 1865.  The students will keep a notebook of work attempted, which will be reviewed and checked periodically and scored as a grade.  Test/quizzes will be given at the completion of chapters and returned and reviewed as soon as possible.Also, there will be a variety of other class activities including historical films, projects, news articles, demonstrations, and computer and group activities to enhance the student’s comprehension.  We will conclude our year with a study of the Civil War.
SOL Test – Early US History 

Science 5

Fifth grade Science covers a variety of topics including the Scientific Method, Matter, Changes in the Earth’s Surface, Properties of Light and Sound, and the Investigations of Living Systems. We emphasize hands-on learning through lab investigations, as well as keeping a very accurate notebook, which will be helpful for tests. Benchmark tests and reviews are used to prepare for SOL’s.
SOL Test – Science 5


Electives/Resource Classes
  * All Elective courses do not have SOL Tests *


Physical Education 5

Students have PE two times a week.  Students will participate in activities that improve their skills and overall fitness.  One goal is to improve their Physical Fitness scores from September to May.  Grades are based on participation and effort.  Sports skills that will be covered include football, basketball, volleyball, and track.  Many other activities are done periodically to improve overall coordination, muscle strength, and stamina.

Art 5

Students meet on a weekly basis.  They are exposed to various mediums and techniques including drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, collage, and an assortment of craft projects.


D.A.R.E. is taught by the School Resource Officer in the classroom and meets on a weekly basis. The program teaches the students how to resist peer pressure and to avoid being involved with drugs and violence. It also gives students skills and knowledge to recognize and resist these pressures.


This class is taught by the guidance counselor and meets on a weekly basis. The curriculum includes character qualities (respect, caring, compassion, responsibility, thankfulness, fairness, trustworthiness, honesty, and citizenship), anti-bullying strategies, internet safety, peer pressure, substance abuse education, and teambuilding activities.


Students in Grade 5 will have keyboarding class weekly.  Students will work on developing basic keyboarding skills.  They will concentrate on learning the keyboard through touch typing. Along with keyboarding, students will utilize education software geared towards reinforcement of the core academic Standards of Learning.

Music 5

Students will start the year with a full review of the basics of music that they’ve learned about in elementary school.  These basics include the music staff, cleffs, note types, rests, note names, names of keys on the piano, solfege, meter, sharps, flats, dynamics, and other basic fundamental elements of written music.  Students will implement these basics by learning how to play the recorder and perform music.  Learning the recorder is a great way to start to learn how a band instrument is played.   Students will also sing and learn music of famous American composers.  Students will review how to sing correctly with great posture and pronunciation, which will prepare them well to sing in any choir or chorus.  Near the end of the year, students will learn about instrument families, famous orchestral repertoire and composers, and concert etiquette as time permits.