Grade 6

Grade 6 Courses

English 6
English 6 balances the development of oral language, vocabulary, writing and research skills, the study of the elements of literature, and the advancement of reading.  Grammar is reviewed as it relates to improving writing skills.  Projects are designed to enrich and improve these skills.  Sixth grade students will be required to write original poetry, short stories, and an interdisciplinary research project as well as enter local and national writing competitions.  How-to projects and presentations provide an opportunity to share a special expertise while developing oral language skills.  Reading skills are taught in English and reinforced in reading class with homeroom teachers. 
SOL Tests –Reading 6     
Math 6
Grade 6 Mathematics prepares students for the transition to more advanced mathematical concepts such as algebra and geometry, by introducing topics which require students to broaden their understanding of mathematical ideas while enhancing their basic arithmetic knowledge.
SOL Test – Math 6  
Reading 6
The active reading strategies of visualizing, monitoring, questioning, summarizing, predicting, locating important information, and synthesizing are taught. Coursework includes vocabulary and reading fluency. Reading at home is encouraged through motivational projects throughout the year. Reading skills are tested through the English SOL Test.
No SOL Test

Science 6

The major emphasis in the sixth grade is to cover key concepts prior to 7th grade Life Science and 8th grade Physical Science.  Major concepts include Matter, The Solar System, and Environmental Science. Sixth grade Science overlaps with the 4th and 5th grade curriculum.  A variety of learning styles are implemented to meet the diverse needs of students. The Sixth Grade Science Fair, that all students are expected to participate in, is one of the highlights of the school year. 
*Scientific Investigation, Reasoning, and Logic
*Energy and Energy Conservation
*Water Systems
*Earth and Space
*Policies Related to the Environment
* Weather and the Environment.
No SOL Test at this time 

Social Studies 6

Sixth grade Social Studies covers the time period of 1865 through the present day, completing a two-year study of American History that began in fifth grade.  The topics include the expansion and industrial growth of our nation into a world power as well as the specific events, personalities, and problems that marked each era.  Students keep a binder of their work in each chapter.  They complete study guides and are tested on each of these time periods.  Current events, hands-on projects, and historic videos help enhance the understanding students have of our heritage and the events that have transpired in the last 145 years.

SOL Test – US History 1865 to present


Electives/Resource Classes

* All Elective courses do not have SOL Tests *


Physical Education 6

Students have PE 2-3 times a week.  Students will participate in activities that improve their skills and overall fitness.  One goal is to improve their Physical Fitness scores from September to May.  Grades are based on participation and effort.  Sports skills that will be covered include football, basketball, volleyball, and track.  Many other activities are done periodically to improve overall coordination, muscle strength, and stamina. 

Art 6

Students meet for classes on a nine week basis.  They explore the various mediums and techniques, building on the basics that have been acquired in 5th grade.  They have opportunities to do projects in drawing, painting, printmaking, clay, collage, and crafts.  Perspective and the elements of art are emphasized.  


This class is taught by the school counselor and meets on a nine week basis with the curriculum focusing on career exploration and teambuilding activities. 


Students in Grades 6 will have computer class for one nine weeks.  Students will continue to develop their keyboarding skills with a concentration on speed and accuracy.  Along with hands-on teacher instruction, a software keyboarding program will be utilized for remediation. 

Along with keyboarding, students will utilize education software geared towards reinforcement of the core academic Standards of Learning.

Beginning Band

Students need to successfully complete a basic music proficiency test in 5th grade to be eligible for band.  Students will acquire knowledge of the band instrument that they are studying.  This entails how to properly maintain and care for the instrument, how to assemble it, correct hand position on the instrument, and good embouchure and playing position.  Students will be studying out of the Essential Elements Book 1.  At the conclusion of the course, students should be able to play two major scales, use dynamic contrast, and correctly interpret rhythmic patterns, notes, musical terms, and symbols from their band music.  Excluding the tuba, baritone, and French horn, students will be required to rent or own their own personal instrument.  More information will be available at the beginning of the year about rental instruments.  Students playing school horns will have an annual minimal instrument maintenance fee.     

General Music/Chorus

This General Music course is part of the 6th grade elective rotation and will focus on studying basic music theory, music history, all with an emphasis on singing.  Students will learn correct choral technique:  how to stand, how to breathe correctly, how to relax and support their voice.  Students will learn how to sing a variety of music, some even in different languages, as well as some modern music.  Students may be required to perform for PTA meetings.  There will be worksheets, quizzes and concerts.  Goals for this class are in line with the Virginia SOL requirements for general music.